7 reasons why women should also shave with a safety razor

Safety razor are definitely not for men only.

We get it, since you were born, the only things you saw in the supermarket grooming shelves were disposable razors. Whether it’s a fully disposable version or a plastic handle with disposable cartridges, it’s estimated that 2 billions plastic razors are ending in the landfill each year in the US alone. You can calculate for yourself what you already threw away: if you change your razor every 1 or 2 weeks, times 52 weeks a year, times the number of years since you started shaving… oh well, that’s way too much.

Ok, but then, what options are out there? You can wax (doesn’t work for everybody... plus likely wasteful if not for the sugar method). You can go no-shave (after all, hairless women is a construction of our society, right?). Or if like for some of us, those options are not what you are looking for, you have to consider using a Safety Razors.

Invented in the 1850s (patented in 1880), it’s called that way because only a small surface of the blade appears naked, so you can shave efficiently without risking an injury. Before the apparition of plastic, our grand-parents (men and women alike) were using those metal shavers. 

Safety razors offer a lot more advantages than just being a zero waste swap:

1. They are much cheaper on the long run. The first purchase might be on the high side, but with TLC you will need only one handle for the rest of your life. The replacement blades can be found at very low price (0.2-0.5€ per piece). It's simply the opposite model of modern shavers, where handles are sold for cheap but where huge profits are made on blades refill.

2. They offer a closer shave. There is only one blade but a sharp one. Cartridge blades might have 4 or 5 blades but they are pretty dull in comparison.

3. It is an awesome way to avoid razor burns and ingrown hairs (because fewer blades)

4. It’s healthier as the hair, skin and soap won’t clog and sit behind the blade like it does on multiple-blade cartridges. There is no bacteria build-up.

5. It feels more luxurious and glamorous than a flashy plastic piece of waste-to-be

6. Those "hydrating" strips you find on disposable are often loaded with chemicals. A safety razor is the toxic-free choice!

7. With a minimalist blade made of pure stainless steel (therefore recyclable), it's the perfect zero waste option


Here a lot of reasons to ditch your disposables, and switch to reusables!


Photo by Bogdan Glisik

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