Hi there!

I’m Marjorie, French, mom of two, imperfect zerowaster and the founder of Bareaya. I have started this adventure with a single item in mind: Safety Razors.

How did I end up promoting shavers? Good question! Long story short, I bought a bold vintage-looking safety razor in order to cut down on plastic waste in our home. And it clearly became one of my favorite zero-waste swaps. Back then though, they all looked the same, they all scared most of us and I believed it was a shame because more people should use them (that is, if shaving is their thing). I’ve started working on a more modern and sleek design, with the idea to make it unisex and aesthetically modern.

Fast forward to today, Bareaya became a multi-generation family business. We are now constantly working on expanding our plastic-free and vegan product selection. 

I’m glad to have you here, and I hope you'll find here what you need to get inspired to start or go further in your sustainable lifestyle!

• Marjorie •









/bɛə(ɹ)/ Adjective

1. Only the essential.

2. Simple, without addition. Natural.

3. Naked, uncovered. True to itself.



/aïa/ Name

1. あや, アヤJapanese name

2. Beautiful, design.