Single blade vs multiple blade: which one is better?

Sometimes we get carried on and we keep making things bigger for the sake of the better.

That’s what disposable razor brands are doing. They went into a race of building the razor that will have the highest number of blades possible. Every year an additional blade is added like it’s a new technological advance. To get that supposedly better shave, we feel like we need to buy a new handle and a new set of the said-revolutionary upgraded cartridges.

The problem is that, to give that good shave, the multiple blades cut the hairs below the surface of the skin. The first blades don’t cut much: their purpose is rather to pull the hair out of its follicle, while the last ones gives the final cut. Because of that, you become more prone to ingrown hairs that will regrow from under the skin instead of from the surface. The hair might not find its way out directly and can curl back down or inside the derm, which result in an inflammation. You end up with red bumps here and there, which is definitively not the look you were looking for, right?

Also, because the blades are sometimes dull, you end up pressing the blades against your skin in order to achieve a close shave. Sadly, hairs are not the only things being removed. The upper skin layer can be damaged in the process. This can result in a burning after-shave feeling.

What if we tell you that this is all avoidable?

Because yes, sometimes, the fewer the better. So if a single blade can do the job perfectly, why would you need to pay for more than one?

The single blades are sharper than cartridge ones. One stroke is enough to give you a skin as smooth as a baby’s cheek. No, you won’t cut yourself, because the blade is used with what’s called a safety razor. Like in a plastic cartridge, the blade is enclosed in a way that only the essential tiny part of the blade appears. You end up having a quicker shave (because one stroke is all you need for each zone), and smoother legs (bye bye razor burns and ingrown hairs!)

No wonder then, that the single blade razor is making a big come back among men who wants a clean shave. And if men can escape the painful multiple blade hell, why can’t women? This is why we built our unisex razor.

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