Going back to the essential. Slowing down. Focusing on what really matters.

Bareaya's range of products is meant to inspire change. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to transition to a sustainable low-waste lifestyle. If you have to buy something new, we want it to be minimalist, natural, reusable.

Our products are designed to combine aesthetics and sustainability. To combine practicability and durability. Because you shouldn't have to chose.



Hi there!

I’m Marjorie, French, mom of two, imperfect zerowaster and the founder of Bareaya. I have started this adventure with a single item in mind: Safety Razors.

How did I end up promoting shavers? Good question! Long story short, I bought a bold vintage-looking safety razor in order to cut down on plastic waste in our home. And it clearly became one of my favorite zero-waste swaps. Back then though, they all looked the same, they all scared most of us and I believed it was a shame because more people should use them (that is, if shaving is their thing). I’ve started working on a more modern and sleek design, with the idea to make it unisex and aesthetically modern.

Fast forward to today, Bareaya became a multi-generation family business. We are now constantly working on expanding our plastic-free and vegan product selection. 

I’m glad to have you here, and I hope you'll find here what you need to get inspired to start or go further in your sustainable lifestyle!

• Marjorie •









/bɛə(ɹ)/ Adjective

1. Only the essential.

2. Simple, without addition. Natural.

3. Naked, uncovered. True to itself.



/aïa/ Name

1. あや, アヤJapanese name

2. Beautiful, design.