How to shave the armpits

If you use a razor to remove your armpit hairs, there is a few things you must know and master if you want to get the best results. Here is the right technique to use to avoid irritation, ingrown hairs and other unpleasant experiences for your armpit.


Shaving Armit Advices


Like for any other body area, one of the key habits for a smooth shave is in the preparation. The best moment is after your shower, when skin and hairs are soften. But we all know that moment when we are all dressed up, ready to go out, and suddenly spot a few hairs sneaking out of our top. Yikes. Even if you are in a rush, apply a good lather to protect your skin from the blade. 


It’s important to use a blade that isn’t dull or rusted, as this would cause irritations. Think about changing your blade every 5-6 shaves or as soon as you feel it’s giving you a shave not as close as the first time. If you haven’t used your razor in a while, then change the blade before using it again.

Ready? Now here are a few tricks

  • First, you need to stretch your skin slightly, to offer your razor the most straight path possible. Use one hand to stretch the skin, while the other hold the razor.
  • Apply very short strokes rather than one long, so you can have a better hold at the razor angle and adapt it to follow each curve.
  • And the most useful trick: Shave in a STAR shape, rather than just going up and down multiple times. Armpit hairs under have various growth directions. By shaving with one passage on each direction, you will get the closest shave possible while limiting irritations.


Once hairs are gone, pat dry the area with a towel. If you apply a deodorant, chose on with a natural composition, so it wont irritate your skin or clog your pores.


Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo

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