DIY Toner Recipe

Home-made toner are incredibly easy to do.
This recipe is actually what I have been using the past 5 years as a skin cleaner, morning and night, as I do not wear much make-up.
This recipe can be adapted in various ways to match your routine, or with what you can find with low-waste or zero packaging⁠.

Ingredients for 50ml: ⁠
- 30ml filtered water⁠
- 15ml apple cider vinegar or coconut vinegar⁠
- 5ml or 1 tea spoon of sweet almond oil⁠
- Optional: A few drops of EO depending on your skin's needs (i use vetiver for its regenerating properties, and geranium for clearer skin and its lovely scent)⁠

⁠Method: ⁠
- Pour everything in an amber glass bottle (to protect the ingredients from sun light)⁠
- Shake well before every use, then pour a small amount on your reusable cotton round⁠
- Let the toner sit, then apply to your skin⁠

Are you ready to give it a try? ⁠

If you already use a homemade toner or make-up remover, share your recipes with us!⁠

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